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External photograph of the Arclinea Showroom in Costabissara
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The Arclinea Costabissara Showroom is located within the historic Fontana Furniture store in Costabissara, in a space of approximately 250 square meters.

There are four large settings showcasing the Convivium, Italia, Lignum et Lapis, and Principia models with the most refined and elegant finishes, meticulous attention to detail, and a wide selection of the best appliance brands.

Special attention is given to the design of each environment, crafted with the best ideas and rendering techniques, allowing for detailed and unique layouts to be created.

A special functional kitchen has been built in an area dedicated to events and tastings, where chefs and our customers can experience and use the kitchens with various cooking techniques.

The synergy with Fontana Furniture ensures completion in furniture, lighting, and accessories.

Arclinea Showroom

At Fontana Costabissara Spazio Lab

The Arclinea Collection

Image of an Arclinea L-shaped kitchen. The shelves and columns are made of wood, while the worktop is made of marble with white veins


Convivium is an open space, a kitchen as a free and organized area, an environment where renewing the ritual of being together every day, the place where a series of concrete actions – containing, preparing, cooking – turn into rituals and emotions. In the kitchen, aromas speak of family stories or distant places, ancient recipes are perpetuated or new ones are experimented with, and above all, everyone eats together, seated around the large table.

Convivium furnishes the walls of a room that becomes warm, welcoming, and functional, with a central island-table and large shelves that run along the perimeter.


Introduced in 1988, the Italia model marks the beginning of the collaboration with Antonio Citterio, who later assumed the role of art director and designer for the entire Collection. Anticipating by several years the trend, now widely spread, of bringing functions and typical modes of professional kitchens into the domestic sphere, Italia reintroduced, from its debut, the aesthetics and technical solutions: from the distinctive handle, to the prevalent use of stainless steel, from the deeper countertops equipped with large cast iron cooktops and double sinks, to the suspended hoods, up to the iconic double island layout.

Remaining faithful to the original concept, Italia has evolved over the years with the addition of new technical details, more efficient equipment, and more sophisticated finishes, confirming its vocation for maximum functional performance.
Image of an Arclinea steel kitchen with wooden snacks and tobacco-coloured designer stools
Image of an Arclinea kitchen with sliding wooden columns. The island is steel with wooden snack bars and brown stools


The protagonists of Lignum et Lapis are stone, steel, and wood: their exclusive use in the design and creativity of the project. Formal and technological research has allowed the creation of islands, countertops, and counters in stone: true industrial, material sculptures. With the exclusive design of slats of variable width and distance.

Lignum et Lapis is a living unit: on one side, guests can observe the preparations, on the other side – where the operational equipment is concentrated – those who cook share with guests the techniques and the taste of eating well.


Beta allows for versatile kitchen design, integrating with all elements of the Arclinea Collection, thus allowing the uniqueness of each individual project. The door, characterized by a horizontal handle, is integrated along the length of the door. Essential in design and functional in use, the Beta handle is an aluminum profile painted in steel or black finish, or in the same finish as the door.

Thanks to the constructive flexibility of the door, available in two modularities, the handle can be integrated horizontally or vertically.
Image of an Arclinea kitchen in a Victorian style room with white walls. The kitchen rests on two parallel walls, on one side there are white columns, on the other a kitchen cabinet with white doors and a marble worktop
Image of an L-shaped Arclinea kitchen. The columns and shelves are in light wood, the peninsula is in steel with snacks in light wood.


For this new project by Antonio Citterio, Arclinea starts from the essence, from the basic principles of the kitchen, revisited: new technology in steel and natural cutting in wood. The extraordinary result lies in the connection between these basic principles, which show something absolutely original: a new way to approach interior design, a new way to furnish the kitchen environment, through unprecedented combinations of materials and colors.

Principia combines a textured wood with a “rough” finish, with the innovative colorings of stainless steel generated through the technological process of PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition). Natural materials, innovative production technologies, and artisanal details interact with each other and with the careful evolution of the instrumental areas: with new furniture, sideboards, dedicated containers that develop internally as real operational spaces.


A separation profile between the doors translates into a convenient solution for opening storage units: it’s the distinctive feature of Thea and other models that have successfully marked Arclinea’s history in the past. To the extreme practicality and aesthetic simplicity typical of the “handleless” kitchen, Antonio Citterio now associates a series of design details and choices that allow Thea to interpret both the Wet and the Show kitchen. A precise concept that responds to the trend of separating the kitchen into two distinct and complementary areas: the first predominantly operational, the second with a more convivial use, designed for the living environment.

Perfectly integrated into the Collection as part of a single and coherent project, Thea emphasizes its connection with the company’s history and philosophy from its name, the same as the first Arclinea model in the sixties.
Image of an Arclinea kitchen with black columns and island with gray ceramic top and white veins

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